Do you want to help with providing air quality data in Skopje?

Join the CleanBREATHE Workshop on October 30th at Netaville and assemble your own device for measuring PM10, PM2.5, and noise levels.
CleanBREATHE is a collaborative project between FINKI and Pulse Eco, advocating for clean air and better living conditions in urban areas while raising awareness of air quality.

For the " Wi-Fi sensor v2", the basic requirements are:
- the device needs to be placed outside (balcony or yard), fixed to a wall or a post, and protected from direct sunlight and rain;
- the Wi-Fi reception at the place of installation should be solid;
- the device needs to be placed away from active sources of contamination (anything that produces smoke, vibration or sound, e.g.: ashtray, airconditioner, chimney, very close construction site);
- the device needs to face the louder side of the object, so that the noise measurement is more realistic;
- the device must not be installed very high (more than 3 or 4 stories) because the air pollution measurement will be unreliable.

* All required materials and parts for the device assembly will be provided by the organizers.

Let's create a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future together. See you in Netaville at CleanBREATHE Workshop!