Flow calculation (Dataflow computing) is attracting a lot of attention recently, especially intensified by recent announcements of Google, which alter the current approach to processing large amounts of data from Hadoop MapReduce to Dataflow concepts (http://www.informationweek.com/cloud/software-as-a-service/google-i-o-he...). In order to master the practical concepts of flow calculation and to provide a platform for programming, within the course High Performance Computing, a 4 hour seminar (tutorial) is organized for training in Maxeler dataflow programming with card on 11.13.2015 (Friday), starting at 09 am in the amphitheater of FSCE. The interested students will be granted incentive task from the company Maxeler and all those who will solve the task will have a possibility for a job interview. The most successful will be invited to a one-year probation with paid transportation, accommodation, food and salary in London. Interested students to contact vladimir.zdraveski@finki.ukim.mk.