The aim of EESTEC Soft Skills Academy is to give students a kind of complementary education and teach crucial skills which can be used in everyday life.  This three day event, 40 students from across the University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius" will have the opportunity to actively participate in training, specializing in these skills.  Knowledge of soft skills enables easier communication, better time management, and improving communication and presentation skills. Using these tools separates and highlightes the individual among the competition when there is an employment and a self-presentation in new environments. Within the academy, despite the several trainings, participants will learn how to write a professional CV and cover letter, which will help in obtaining the desired working position.     The Academy has a long tradition within EESTEC network, organized by several local committees across Europe and is valid for a successful project which is recognizable organization.  When and where?  Between 04-06.12.2015 on the faculties that are part of the technical campus.  Application:  Registration is free to all students from the University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius and lasts until 12.01.2015   Link to the application :   More information can be found on the fan page:  :   or on e-mail: